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Get In Shape For Summer With A Stationary Bike

Get In Shape For Women

If you have decided you need to get more exercise either to get in better shape or to lose weight youll need to choose a form of exercise. One easy way to get some quality exercise is through stationary bike workouts. The nice thing about this is that you can easily do this workout routine from the comfort and solace of your own home. No need for a trainer at the gym to tell you what you need to do. And many of these machines even have programs built into them that are designed to give you the full workout, in a safe manner.

Benefits of Recumbent vs. Upright Bikes

If you are the type of person who is a purist and wants the same experience as though they were biking outside, the upright stationary bike may be a good choice for you. Designed to let the rider feel like they are riding an actual bicycle, many purists insist on using this kind of bike for their exercise program.

Others prefer comfort to real-world experience, and opt for the recumbent stationary bike instead. With these bikes you sit lower with your legs out in front of you. They offer a more comfortable seat that can make riding a bike easier for those with back problems. No matter which kind of bike is chosen, the main goal is to find something you will enjoy doing so you will actually want to exercise more often.

Doing the Program Right

When you sit down on your stationary bike, you have already taken the biggest step towards improving your life and well-being. But there are certain things everyone needs to know about any exercise program, including riding an exercise bike:

*Warm-up exercises are essential. If your bike has a computerized program you can use this to get started slowly. Let your body slowly wake up to the soon-to-be-increased blood flow and pulse. Do your stretches to avoid cramps and muscle problems. Make sure you have plenty of water at hand to sip on (dont drink a lot this causes cramps as well

*Run the exercise routine through the entire time allotted. Dont undercut the program by ending early. Complete it to duration, if at all possible, without causing yourself pain or injury.

*Cool down. Much like warming up, cooling down is just as critical as warming up. You wont be exercising nearly as hard, and this helps the blood flow to slowly ease your body back into the same state you were in when you started.

For Your Health

Stationary bike workouts are an easy, less intimidating form of exercise for young and old folks alike. You can easily get your heart rate up and have a good cardiovascular workout, which is recommended by doctors to do several times per week. And when you have the option to do this in your own home, theres little excuse for not protecting your health. May you live long and stay healthy!

Use an upright or recumbent stationary bike to get started with your workout routine. Find specific workouts and information about the different types of stationary bikes available including the pros and cons of each at: Stationary Bikes Guide

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